Hey Shenny,

Thank you so much for all of the treatments you have done. I cannot find words to express how thankful I am! You have helped me with my acne so much, I remember when I used to look in the mirror I used to wonder how my skin actually looks like on my face. I had no idea what the skin on my face looked like because it was all covered with acne and tiny bumps. Now, after your treatments, I can see so much skin and I really like it! You not only helped me by physically treating me but you also helped me feel good on the inside too with all of your encouragement and prayers. Shenny I cannot thank you enough for working so hard to try and solve this complicated case! I know how you spend hours looking at and analyzing the problem to come up with the best solution and how you spend so much time on my treatments. No one has ever spent this much time and had this much dedication towards my problem. Thank you so much! 

Thank you, 
lots of love,

Hi Neena

I just wanted to say a few words, I came to you very depressed about the major break out I had under my chin and on my neck, I was extemely sad about it all.  The treatment you did made my skin clear again I don't even have a mark or anything left you did a facial and the laser with noticeable results..now you are treating my legs that were laser burned from a different company how sad that made me and now you have done two treatments of laser and I am seeing how great my legs are looking...I can't wait for the end results ...One other thing I wanna mention is the face wash, sunscreen and the foundation i bought a week ago and my face looks great I have constantly been getting nothing but compliments .. You all are awesome, can't wait to see you again..Thank you..***hugs***.

Sonya Ranu

Before I went to Shenny and Nina, I was getting laser treatments from a spa that had a chain of salons all over Calgary.  I went to both a north and south location and I tell you I felt I wasted my time and money - I will never go back.  Then I went to Shenny's’ Laser Lights and Skin Care and I was wishing I should have gone to Shenny and Nina sooner!   These Ladies are friendly, honest and knowledgeable – they are truly experts in their field.  I am very pleased with the results.  They care about my concerns and provided thorough treatments.  I am extremely satisfied with such excellent, professional, quality service! 

Maria H. 

Laser Hair Removal. 

WOW. If I had known such results were possible in such a short time, I would have done it some time ago.  
At 54 I was fed up with shaving my chin and neck every morning and embarrassed to have anyone notice the stubble or heaven forbid touch my face. I did some research on the Internet and found Shenny's Laser Lights & Skin Care who had been in business for many years and has an A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau. 
When I took the initiative to call around I was mis-informed  by other places that blonde hair can be permanently removed with several Laser treatments. Thereafter, I went for a consultation and Shenny and Neena took the time to explain the growth cycle of hair follicles. They discovered under the magnified mirror that I had both blonde and black hairs which would take a combo of both Electrolysis and Laser Light treatments to get rid of the hairs. 
I was expecting it to take at least several treatments to see any results, but after just three treatments over the course of 2 months the results have been amazing. The hairs are getting fewer and I can go a few days without shaving. I am feeling very confident that by the completion of the recommended treatment process the hairs will be gone. 
I am so pleased with the knowledge and sincerity Shenny and Nina have to help women obtain optimal beauty. I am looking forward to taking the next step to improve my self-confidence by trying their anti-aging treatments. 


Dear Shenny, 

Just wanted to say 'Thank You' and to let you know how much I enjoy my facials and the many other services you provide me with. 
I remember the first time I saw you I was very skeptical when you said that you could probably help me look and feel better.  It was hard to believe; thinking here is another sales pitch but now I've become a true believer in you. 
The care and time you take on me is exceptional.  No rushing, no interruption, no false fronts, just your undivided attention is given at all times, making me feel comfortable, relaxed, allowing you to immediately perform magic on me. 
I look forward to my treatments monthly and come away feeling very refreshed and renewed - almost like being re-born again.  I don't think I've ever been treated with such sincerity, nor have I ever experienced anyone who enjoys their work as much as you do in pleasing people  and making them feel good about themselves. 
I highly recommend your services to anyone an soon they themselves would discover the richness I've felt. 
Again, Shenny, a very bid 'Thank You'' to you and your staff and look forward to many years of services with you. 


Dear Shenny and Nina, 

I just wanted to write this letter to tell you how much I appreciate the time you have take to help me with my skin.  I first heard about you through a hair salon that had recommended you for threading to have my eyebrows done.  I was very pleased with that when I had it done by Shenny and during that time she had mentioned to me about helping me with redness from my skin, I actually had laser resurfacing on my skin October of 2002 and it was red from that procedure.  She had mentioned about the ultra laser light procedures and how they helped with redness.  I was very skeptical because as I mentioned before I did have the laser surgery through a Dermatologist and before that I had spent enormous amount of time and money on my skin over the past 10years.  I have tried everything from accutane to glycolic peels and nothing really seemed to work.  

So when Shenny told me about some of the procedures they had to offer, I was again very skeptical, but I called her and made an appointment.  I was so impressed by the way both Shenny and Nina , sat down and actually took the time to ask what my skin type was and tell me exactly what would be best for me.  As well this is the first procedure didn't cost an arm and a leg and first time I  am actually seeing results so soon. 

So I am just writing to the both of you to thank you so much for your time, honesty and knowledge in knowing what works best.  You have helped me deal with this on going battle of my skin, but now I am so happy that I have finally met two people in this business that actually care and want to help.  You both have helped to build up my confidence again and for that I thank you! 

Thanks again so much!! 


My Compliments to Shenny and Nina, 

I have been a customer of Shenny's for many years, and have always been very impressed by the level of customer and professional services that I have always received. 
Like many Canadians I have a mixed heritage.  Little bit European and little English, which means I have fair skin and the dark hair.  A problem for me, since that meant you see the facial hair.  My most problematic area was my sideburns.  I had been to a hair dresser years before and for some reason she had felt it necessary to shave them.  As most women know, the more you shave, the darker the hair, and more of it. 
When I first started going to Shenny's I was having the side burn area, and top lip waxed, then it progressed to Electrolysis, and then finally to Laser.  With both the waxing and electrolysis, the hair was gone for a week or two and then it was back.   Not that I was expecting it to be gone completely, but wished that it would last longer.  Then the laser technology came along. 
I was a bit skeptical at first, but after the first treatment.  WOW!! I was sold.  The hair was gone, and stayed almost completely gone.  What hair was there was finer, and thinner.  I have had maybe a dozen treatments done one my sideburns and top lip, and could not be more impressed.  I am no longer so self conscious about my facial hair.  The hair is just gone!   I do go back a couple times a year for touch ups, but that is it. 
For any of you that are afraid to try laser, I very much urge to try.  If you are afraid that it will hurt.  I can honestly say(and this coming from a person that is a big wimp)  that it does not really hurt.  Stings a bit yes, but so does waxing.  What is nice about the procedure is you can have it done, and continue on with errands.  No having to go home and wash the sticky residue off, or walk around with red puffy skin. 
I have found that as an added bonus to have the laser hair removal, is that it seems to be like a mini facial.  I notice that my skin is softer and more radiant for a week or two after the procedure. 
So if you are thinking of having Laser hair removal, give it a try.  I can almost guarantee that you won't go back to old methods. 



One Very Happy Customer 

I have found the service excellent at Shenny's.  They are friendly and care about their clients.  Shenny and Neena are very knowledgeable in regard to the product they carry and the equipment they use. 
 I came to them with a lot of facial hair on my chin.  They are the only ones who gave me hope and over the course of time the hair is becoming finer and disappearing. 
I would highly recommend them to others experiencing problems with their skin. 
I have been going to Shenny's for approximately 11 months.  I have been ecstatic with the results!  I noticed a profound decrease in the amount of thickness of my hair and I am so pleased to not have to touch a razor and be bothered by razor burn.  I cannot stress enough how extremely happy I am to have had the laser hair removal.  
However, I think the best part about going to Shenny's Laser is Shenny herself.  She is personable, extremely professional, has wonderful technique and most of all experience.  She knows what will suit your skin and what wont and she is honest.  I have always felt that she wants me to get the most out of my treatments.  She takes time and is extremely thorough.  Laser hair removal can be fairly personal for many people and because of this I think it is SO important to go to someone you feel comfortable with.  Shenny is certainly that person for me.


I am thrilled with the results I got with my laser treatment.  Neena and Shenny are VERY knowledgeable about their field of work, and I have always felt that I'm in good hands.  After 8 treatments, I have very little - no hair remaining in the treated areas.  I've had friends who have gone elsewhere and spent thousands of dollars and not achieved the same results that I have had.  I am continuing to receive treatment in other areas and again am having great results.  You MUST give Neena and Shenny's treatments a try...you will not be disappointed! 


Shenny & Neena 

I would like to thank the both of you for the amazing results I have seen with the treatments of Microdermabrasion, Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy, Laser and stretch mark creams my old and new stretch marks are smaller, smoother and are less visible.  I have gone to other skincare and doctors offices and have been told there was not much that could be done, but you have proven them wrong.  Thank you for the stretch mark treatment and for all the other services that you have done for me in the past 8 years that I have know the both of you.  I appreciate the way you take extra time and go the extra mile to make sure the results are great with each service you do. 

Thank You 


Dear Shenny, 

I have hereditary pigmentation on face, neck and  hand.  This covers a very wide are in the face as well as neck.  I have tried many ayurvedic applications and internal medication.  Also, I have approached dermatologist in India.  But, there has been no solution to this pigmentation. 

I came here to visit my son in Calgary, Canada.  I happened to see Shenny's parlor whilst doing grocery.  Shenny gave me a lot of encouragement to go for Microdermabrasion and Photo rejuvenation treatment.  I took five consecutive sittings. 

I strongly believe that with Shenny's sincere treatment coupled with my trust has given me a lot of improvement in my face and neck.  I can say with confidence that her treatment is very safe and can be implemented on new clients with similar complaint.  Due to limited time, it was not possible for me to take further sittings. 

I am also attaching some photos of this treatment during my third and final sittings. 

Thanking you, 

Yours truly, 



Thank you for your help with my skin problem.  The products you sold me are great.  I am very happy with them. 


To Shenny and Neena, 

This is a small token of my appreciation to you.  For all the work and miracles you have performed on me.  I thank you form the bottom of my  heart for your professionalism and your friendships.  We have had 3 years together and I hope we have many more. 


Dearest Shenny & Neena, 

Four years ago I came to you with skepticism.  I did not honestly think that anyone would be able to help me with my hair problem. 

However, something kept me with you.  We all played a role in correcting what needed to be corrected. 

I am glad that something kept us together.  Because you both sincerely always had my best interest in your hearts. 

If this meant going above and beyond the call of duty you did it without any hesitation. 

This sets yo apart from other salons.  You are willing to make your client feel as comfortable as possible with you, before starting anything. 

I can only say that spending all this time with you both, we have become friends.  This is a friendship I will take with me wherever my new life leads me.  I take great comfort in knowing that I have had the opportunity to have two wonderful people in my life. 

You have shared my failures and success. You have become like family. 

You have managed to work many miracles with me, who came to you as a skeptic and now leaving a big believer. 

I thank you from the bottom of my  hear for all you have done, are doing and will do for me in the  future. 

Thank You, 



I just wanted to give you a little card to say thanks!  You really help me feel beautiful, and those incredible facials not only help me look better, but also help to reduce my stress. You always do a little extra, which helps me to feel special.  I am so happy that I found you and your services. 

Thanks for everything, 


Dear Shenny & Nina, 

Just a note to say thank you for the great time I had in your salon on Tuesday. 

The personalized service I received is greatly appreciated.  Your professionalism leaves me completely confident in your products and services. 

I will gladly recommend you to all my friends and family. 



Dear Shenny & Neena, 

Thank you so much for the beautiful basket gift.  We sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness and best wishes. 

I was the radiant Bride and I most personally thank you for the beautiful make-up which I received numerous compliments from all.  Will call soon once all urgent and pressing matters are settled

Laser, Lights & Skin Care


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